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I will elaborate on the contexts of each organization, but it is important to first emphasize the importance that this disclosure places on fiduciary duty. This is the legal obligation to act in the best interests of the client through his representative. Buyer`s and Seller`s representatives shall comply with this obligation to their respective customers in accordance with such disclosure. F. No cause of action may be brought against a double agent or double agent for disclosure of brokerage relationships under this section. A double agent or double agent will not terminate a brokering relationship by such permitted or required disclosure of dual or dual representation. Levine Homes Real Estate is committed to helping South Bay buyers and sellers navigate the real estate market with ease and direction, which is why we take these disclosure documents and our duty to our clients very seriously. As a local landlord, I recommend familiarizing yourself with this form and remembering that this is not a contract, but simply a disclosure. Most states have traffic laws that require drivers to stay on the right, except when passing.

However, some drivers believe that as long as they respect the speed limit, they have the right to drive in the left lane. Some states will pay people to stay in the fast lane. Similarly, speed limits are set on motorways to improve traffic flow, promote safety and maintain traffic. What are the laws in your state and region regarding expressway use and speed limits? Do people obey these laws? Why is it needed? Following this disclosure, the seller`s agent, also known as the listing agent, must act in the seller`s best interest. This means that they must be loyal to the seller and work diligently to find the best price and conditions for them. However, the seller`s agent also has certain obligations that he must comply with both the buyer and the seller. A seller`s agent must act fairly and honestly with reasonable skill and care. In addition, they are required to disclose all material facts that affect the value or attractiveness of the property. What facts are considered essential is at the discretion of the buyer, i.e. disclose in case of doubt! And while this disclosure requirement exists, the seller`s agent is not obligated to act in trust with the buyer, such as helping the buyer understand the disclosure, or to disclose insignificant information that could help the buyer negotiate. By signing this notice, the undersigned hereby confirm their informed consent to the double declaration disclosed by the licensee. [ ] The brokerage firm represents two existing clients in the transaction and the undersigned acknowledges the following: This form lists the three different types of agencies: According to the disclosure, the buyer`s agent, also known as a sales agent (a bit confusing, I know), must act in the buyer`s best interest.

While the buyer`s agent`s compensation may come from the seller, the seller is still bound by his fiduciary duty to the buyer and must act accordingly to help the buyer obtain the lowest price and terms. In addition, they must review all disclosures, reports, inspections and other documents to determine if buying the home at the agreed price is in the best interest of the buyer. H. The disclosure of dual representation or dual representation in a residential transaction must include the following provisions, and a disclosure that substantially meets the following requirements is considered to comply with this disclosure requirement: E. The disclosure obligation under this Section does not relieve Licensee of obligations under Section 54.1-2137 Subsection B, which requires that all brokerage relationships be set forth in a written agreement between Licensee and Client. Dual agency is when an agent represents both the buyer and the seller in the same real estate transaction. This can only be done with the knowledge and consent of both parties, and despite the apparent conflict of interest, the agent must fulfill his fiduciary duty to both clients, albeit limited.