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The learning units are sequenced using a “simple to complex” approach, starting with LU1: Roles and responsibilities of the investigator, which covers the basics of an investigator`s duties and responsibilities in the Singapore context. Based on this, subsequent LUs will be built to cover topics such as legal requirements for fact-finding missions, surveillance activities, post-monitoring activities, learners will then learn to apply the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively carry out investigative activities in accordance with legal requirements and transfer the knowledge acquired at their workplace, in particular: 1. Tasks and responsibilities of Prüfers 2. Legal requirements for fact-finding missions 3. Monitoring activities 4. Post-surveillance activities This course aims to equip participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to conduct investigative activities in accordance with legal requirements. Security personnel who want to provide private investigation services. * Individuals who do not meet the entry requirements will undergo an interview prior to acceptance Target GroupThe course is suitable for people with job titles such as: – site managers and foremen, construction clerks and civil engineers; or- Engineering graduates or individuals with a degree or higher who wish to work in the construction industryCourse description:- Roles and duties of site personnel in safety and health – Safety planning and organization. PI – Perform Investigation Activities in Compliance with Legal Requirements is a course for learners who wish to become a private investigator in the security and investigations sector. It is also a mandatory module of the Police Licensing and Regulation Department (PLRD) before learners can apply for the Private Investigator License.

In this course, learners will gain the skills and knowledge on how to conduct a professional investigation of safety incidents in their workplace. – Interpret an investigator`s professional roles and responsibilities and legal requirements – Perform supervision – Preparation and filing of the investigation report sheet – Court testimony – Have in-depth knowledge of an investigator`s professional roles and responsibilities, as well as an investigator`s legal requirements. – Effectively monitor investigative activities. – Create an investigation report sheet and send it to management. – Professional compilation and testimony in court Course Description: – Identification of duties and responsibilities of all employees involved in working in confined spaces in accordance with WSH laws and codes of conduct – Identification of hazards in confined spaces – Use gas detection instruments for atmospheric monitoring – Compliance with work permit system and safe work procedures when working in spaces Closed – Participate in a confined space emergency. The objective of this course is to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to carry out investigative activities in accordance with legal requirements and be able to apply them in the workplace. This course or unit of competence consists of 5 CEs: CE1: Interpret the professional roles and responsibilities of the examiner CE2: Meet legal requirements when performing fact-finding missions CE3: Perform surveillance CE4: Prepare and submit the CE5 investigation scorecard: Testimonial in court Temasek Polytechnic-Security Industry Institute reserves the right to change course, change course fees, change other information, or cancel courses with low enrollment. Call us at 6694 0008 and register in person at our office. Note: All trainees must have completed at least 75% of the training and pass the assessment for EACH module in order to receive the GSU grant. Trainees who do not meet the requirement must pay the full fee for unsubsidized courses. 2. Assessment format: role plays, oral and written questions.

We are constantly looking for suitable candidates for our professional and dedicated team. We regret to inform you that ONLY candidates are shortlisted. All participants wear long pants and covered shoes. 1. The evaluation is carried out by an independent evaluator (auditor) by *POLLEL (*Police Welfare Co-operative) *After 90% funding for Singaporeans sponsored by SMEs and Principal Recipients under the ETSS (Enhanced Training Support for SMEs) programme. Can read, write, speak and listen to English at WPN 4 SkillsFuture Credit Approved level. For more details, please click here. We need candidates who meet the following criteria: Full course fee (excluding TPS): SGD 880.00 Full course fee (excluding GST): SGD 941.60 SGD fees for citizens aged 21-39 or SG PR from 21 years (including GST): SGD 501.60 SGD fees for citizens aged 40 and over (GST included): SGD 325.60. If you meet the above criteria, contact us immediately, we need you in our dedicated team: All participants must apply 3 days before the start of the course All training materials are provided to Ktree Experience in Security Industry participants: At least 3 years as a Senior Security Officer Fill out the appropriate company registration form and email it to us at