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I am dealing with Jake Hughes. He was exceptionally understanding of my complex and very patient situation. He blurs the legalese and I felt very confident and confident with his knowledge and experience. Although he is not the writer of the legal will, he has enough experience and/or training to deal with me at this stage. At this point in the process, I am very happy and would recommend this company to potential customers. This is really the only way to avoid the expense of dealing with a lawyer in person for the same service. In our case, joint LPAs for my wife and me. Most of the lawyers I contacted will not disclose their fees in advance. Compared to those who do with Zen legally, we saved around £1500. The process with Zen involves a few friendly phone calls to fully explain the LPA process and answer all our questions.

Zen will then prepare all the legal documents. Please note that if you use Zen or a street lawyer, there is always a registration fee to pay at the public guard office. I can`t fault the service I received from Zen Legal. Hi Russell, translating “legalese” into English is a great skill that is not lacking in our incredible team of consultants and paralegals. We are grateful for your wonderful review and hope that our services and staff have given you security for the future. SincerelyZen Legal Good advice, excellent service and friendly staff, I would recommend it to anyone who needs their expertise in their legal issues, Hi Margaret, Chloe is one of our top paralegals and we are sure your glowing review will be the perfect start to her week. SincerelyZen Legal I started my discussion with Zen with apprehension and a little nervous as I hadn`t finished any legal documents for some time. However, everything has been made simple and clear for me so that I can proceed with confidence.

Hi Robert,Thank you for your wonderful review. It`s great to hear that you didn`t find the drafting process too complicated, our team is excellent at helping clients understand everything that comes with legal documents. SincerelyZen Legal Very good and easy to understand explained Very well I had delayed finding a power of attorney for mom because friends of mine had gone through the process and spent a few thousand pounds and several meetings, it seemed like an expensive hassle I could do without. Then I found Zen Legal online, so I emailed them while I was at work at my lunch, they booked me a phone appointment for later in the day. They were so helpful and quick, not a complicated bull and so cheap. I would say that in less than an hour, the paperwork was ready to post. GREAT SERVICE DURING A VERY STRESSFUL TIME, thank youAmandaMid Wales Great service. Very helpful and friendly staff who explain everything clearly and make a fairly complex and simple process. Very happy with everything and I highly recommend it. Zenbusinnes was fast and reliable. I am glad I found that they are recommended to anyone who needs to grow their LLC business.

We are very sorry to read that our service did not meet your expectations. We will contact you shortly to ensure that we fully understand the issues and can find a solution to resolve them. Very easy to use. Excellent personalized service and attention. Recommended! Excellent and fast service! Your customers are at the center of concerns and it shows! I would love to use them again! Hi Gary, peace of mind is the goal of all our customers, so we are happy to hear that you are satisfied with our service. Sincerely, Zen Legal. Anyone can write a Trustpilot review. People who write reviews can edit or delete them at any time, and they will appear as long as an account is active. My company has been registered satisfactorily and I have access to all the information I need for administration.

I would recommend Zenbusiness to my friends. Kate was very helpful in resolving a very difficult situation for me to call back quickly. I spoke to Cheryl, everything was explained clearly and thoroughly. Cheryl was very professional with a great type of phone and a radiant personality, a real asset to your business. Regards, Steve. Excellent service, very polite and answered all our questions very professional service Darren was a great help and made the whole process really easy and clear! Brilliant service and the agents who contacted me were very efficient, helpful and friendly. I looked around and it was the best price. Thank you. Tricia Mystry made the experience so easy! Tricia did my will and authority and I really can`t thank her enough. Extremely professional and a real involvement in the process.

I don`t know how to submit forms. They promised to file my LLC as a Scorp with the IRS and screwed up my forms several times. They don`t know how to submit forms and submit fake forms, and they didn`t know that the IRS doesn`t accept electronic signatures. I still do not have a resolution on this. I`m still struggling to get my refund back Hi Sheila, thank you so much for the review. Our goal is to provide affordable, accessible and amazing services to all our clients so that we never settle for anything less than the highest level of service and professionalism. Sincerely, Zen Legal Their process is very simple and straightforward. Thank you very much, and overall I was very satisfied. I think you should put all the add-ons forward as a menu just so I can see what options I should consider. Just when I thought I was done, another paid feature appeared. This happened FAR too often.

I was totally willing to pay for whatever was needed to get the setup right, but it was VERY annoying with the continuous options of things to buy. It was like clickbait, which is a “cheap internet” performance. Tell me in advance that I will pay, but don`t drag me through the mud to get to the end. Businesses can request reviews via automatic invitations. The term Verified refers to real experiences. Learn more about other types of reviews. Everyone was very helpful and knowledgeable. As I am not very good at computers, they guided me through all the relevant phases, I am very grateful. Your system and your employees seem to work well together. Very clear and informative. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a simple and friendly business.