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Attach your article to the form below and we will send you contact information for the Journal of Legal History and alternative journals for your research Printed copies of the journal can be purchased from W.S. Hein & Co., Inc. Electronic copies of the journal are available on the journal`s website,[17] as well as on EBSCO, HeinOnline, JSTOR, LexisNexis and Westlaw. In their groundbreaking work on the development of the growth of American legal history as a field of study, Professors William E. Nelson and John Phillip Reid noted that the journal is “a publication in which academic historians speak to each other. [and] virtually every one of the journal`s many articles [is] an important read for those who want to stay up to date in the field. [16] The American Journal of Legal History is included in the Scopus database. Based on 2020, SJR is 0.203. Publisher`s country. The main topics of the published articles are history, law, law.

According to Professor Surrency, the journal was founded to provide a forum for legal historians to do their work and advance “the law by studying its history.” [5] As a peer publication, the journal offers authors “a more experienced editorial hand [and] its articles are often shorter, filled with fewer articles of publication or perishing than an exchange of ideas between scientists.” [6] The journal, which was published by Temple University Beasley School of Law in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, from its inception in 1957 to 2015, had four editors during this period, all of whom served at Temple University Law School: Professor Surrency (1957-81); Prof. Dr. Diane C. Maleson (1982-2002); Lawrence J. Reilly (2008 to 2014) and Professor Harwell Wells (2015). [10] Since 2016, the editors are Stefan Vogenauer and Alfred Brophy. The editors of the book review are Lee Wilson and Matthew Dyson. The journal`s international editorial board is composed of more than twenty eminent legal historians.

[11] From 1957 to 1974, the honorary chairman of the advisory council was Earl Warren, the former chief justice of the United States. [12] The Law and History Review hosts original manuscripts on any topic in the history of law. Submissions must not have been published in any form, and they cannot be considered by any other journal. We offer basic requirements for conformity testing for scientific work with the “Paper Quality Checking” service. The paper quality verification service is in demand among researchers who wish to improve their work before submitting it to the target journal. Experienced ores editors, who have published articles in cited journals, browse the finished articles with the participation of foreign partners. They perform complex checks on many parameters, improve the structure and logic of the content, and perform spell checks, among other things. The American Journal of Legal History is a peer-reviewed legal journal.

It has been published quarterly since 1957. It was the first English-language journal devoted exclusively to the history of law. It has been published by Oxford University Press since 2016. [1] The journal was the first English-language journal devoted exclusively to the history of law. [7] The journal publishes articles, essays and book reviews on all aspects of the history of law. [8] Although a common misconception is that the magazine`s coverage is limited to “American legal history,” editors make it a point of honor to regularly publish books on non-American legal history. [9] The “American” part of the title refers to the original location of the journal – in the United States – and not to the subject it publishes. *These types of articles may be eligible for APC waivers or discounts under one of cambridge University Press` open access support agreements.

We also publish shorter review essays of up to 5,000 words (including notes) that examine the state of a particular field or a scientific dialogue that revolves around a large monograph or procedure. The American Journal of Legal History was published by Erwin C. Surrency, Director of the Temple University Law Library. [2] The first issue appeared in February 1957. [3] From its inception until 1982, the journal was the official publication of the American Society for Legal History. [4] All manuscripts must not exceed 11,000 words, including notes, tables and figures. Submissions that exceed the word limit will not be considered. We occasionally publish forums and special editions. Please contact the Editor-in-Chief for more information. From 1974 to 2015, the journal was edited by the George H. Buchanan Company of Logan Township, New Jersey. [13] Law and History Review publishes the following types of articles: Federal and state judges cited the journal in 125 published statements.

[14] Scientists have cited the journal in more than 3,000 articles and more than 15,000 books. [15].